The Analysis and Price trend Predict of the Following Materials


Quercetin Dihydrate

Berberine HCL 

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For the prices of Rutin, Berberine HCL and the Quercertin, they really have changed dramatically in the past one year as showed in the following chart, and it does need to take high risk to trade them.

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But, we can see from this chart, the price of Berberine HCL goes high slightly from the July, 2022 after the harvest season of its raw material.

The price of Rutin and Quercetin Dihydrate dropped down from the Feb, 2022 to the end of August, 2022 as some factories were afraid that they can not sell out their products once the new raw material was harvested and more supply will be available in the market.

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Actually, with deeply investigation, most of the raw materials of the above products in the market are kept by several big factories from the end of August, 2022. With the short supply of the raw material in the market but the demand is there, the price of the above materials are going higher slightly from the September, 2022 as showed in the following chart and is predicted to keep the trend in a certain period.

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