The Price Trend of Raw Materials from the End of July to the Beginning of August 2022

Berberidis Radix (raw material of Berberine Hydrochloride): The new production time is May and June, the market demand is large, and the market price of raw materials has risen compared with the previous period.

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Sophora Japonica (The raw material of Rutin NF11, EP, USP, Quercetin Dihydrate, Quercetin Anhydrous): The new production time is in August and September. This year, the output has increased, and the market volume has been large, and the market has declined slightly.

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Hypericum perforatum (The raw material of Hypericin/St.Johns Wort extract ): The blooming Hypericum perforatum has the highest content of hypericin, and the new production time is July and August. The demand has increased, the transaction volume has increased, and the price has risen slightly.

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Citrus aurantium (The raw material of hesperidin, diosmin): The new production time is June and July, the supply of the raw material is sufficient, and the price is basically stable.

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Raspberry (The raw material of raspberry ketone): The raspberry market rebounded in the early stage. Recently, with the calm movement, the market has also begun to run steadily.

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The trend of raw material prices reflects market demand and also marks the trend of product prices. For customers who have a large demand for rutin and quercetin, it is recommended to wait and see, while for customers who need berberine hydrochloride, hypericin, hesperidin and diosmin, it is recommended to place an order decisively.

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